'An exquisite range of original design Fusio glass engravings'

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Mr Hatelight   (engraved glass, 22cmx31cm) NZ$700.00
Mr Hatelight
('Pilgrims Progress Set')
Mr Blindman   (engraved glass, 22cmx31cm) NZ$700.00
Mr Blindman
('Pilgrims Progress Set')
Mr Implacable   (engraved glass, 20cmx30cm) NZ$700.00
Mr Implacable
('Pilgrims Progress Set')
Mr Highmind   (engraved glass, 20cmx30cm) NZ$700.00
Mr Highmind
('Pilgrims Progress Set')
Mr Liveloose   (engraved glass, 20cmx30cm) NZ$700.00
Mr Liveloose
('Pilgrims Progress Set')
Mr heady   (engraved glass, 20cmx30cm) NZ$700.00
Mr Heady
('Pilgrims Progress Set')
Mr enmity   (engraved glass, 20cmx30cm) NZ$700.00
Mr Enmity
('Pilgrims Progress Set')

Vanityfair   (engraved glass, 24cmx34cm) NZ$1000.00
Vanity Fair
('Pilgrims Progress Set')
lightboats   (engraved glass, 25cmx30cm) NZ$1000.00
Lifeboat  (engraved glass, 25cmx30cm) NZ$1000.00
The Magistrates   (engraved glass,24cmx34cm ) NZ$1000.00
The Magistrates
('Pilgrims Progress Set')

Annunciation   (engraved glass, 46cmx46cm) NZ$5000.00
Columbine   (engraved glass, 52cmx52cm)  $5000.00  Price Negotiable

Nativity   (engraved glass, 45cmx36cm) NZ$5000.00

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